Maritime Cyber Security?

Piracy is no longer just a matter of gangs entering your vessel in the middle of the night. The threat of cyber space is building up rapidly with the potential of posing even bigger risks, also for the crews. The maritime industry seems to be rather unaware and unprepared. Here are some actual maritime and maritime-related incidents:

  • Port operations disrupted in US Port due to GPS jamming
  • Port of Antwerp smuggling case
  • High-level port study of Danish ports shows 80% of ports appear vulnerable to simple intrusion tools
  • Ships with “email access only” are not “email access only”
  • Little to no Cyber security policy and guideline in daily work on vessels
  • Critical systems running on Windows XP
  • Critical systems running on exposed computers
  • AIS spoofing and manipulation (phantom ships)
  • Confidential vessel owner information exposed to the charterer
  • USS Guardian (mine countermeasure ship) ran aground in 2013 due to inaccurate nautical charts. Vessel worth USD 277 million lost. While not a cyber attack "per se", it shows the risk of ECDIS manipulation.
  • Remote navigation of an USD 80 million dollar yacht using 3,000 USD worth of equipment
  • Facebook as pirate intelligence source (social media engineering)
  • Phantom cargoes and fraudulent shipping documents
  • Cyber fraud and marine insurance fraud
  • Floating platform tilted slightly due to cyber attack
  • Ransomware (cyber piracy) and jamming
  • Spear-phishing of a Hong Kong shipping line leading to a double charter payment

But there are concrete measures. And this is those that this "Maritime Cyber Security" course apprehends and teaches you in a very detailed and practical way.