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March 30-31, 2017


Central, Hong Kong

Course Description

Maritime Cyber Security

This 2 days training session will provide both maritime business and IT managers with a solid foundation upon which to initiate a closer review of their cyber defenses. Most crucially, the course makes it clear how cyber security has to be embedded not only in the IT department, but throughout the business processes and daily behavior of all employees.

The first day is spent understanding how cyber attackers operate, as this understanding is key to any defensive strategy. The second day focuses on defensive strategies, and on the need to balance security against ease-of-doing-business and the associated contingency plans which must be in place.

The course will also show actual examples to illustrate different types of cyber-attacks designed in such a way that deep IT technical knowledge is not required.

ProgramME Topics

The "Maritime Cyber Security" course lasts for 2 days, on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March 2017 in Hong Kong. The topics covered during the course include:

Day 1

  • How is "cyber" relevant to the maritime sector?
  • Social engineering.
  • Risks from out-of-the-box tools.
  • A simulated attack scenario workshop.

Day 2

  • Employees: the first line of defense.
  • Defensive IT.
  • Balancing cyber security against business requirements.
  • Contingency planning.

You may also want to have a look at our 2-day agenda at-a-glance now, and download the course fact-sheet.


Maritime Cyber Security?

Piracy is no longer just a matter of gangs entering your vessel in the middle of the night. The threat of cyber space is building up rapidly with the potential of posing even bigger risks, also for the crews. The maritime industry seems to be rather unaware and unprepared. Here are some actual maritime and maritime-related incidents:

  • Port operations disrupted in US Port due to GPS jamming
  • Port of Antwerp smuggling case
  • High-level port study of Danish ports shows 80% of ports appear vulnerable to simple intrusion tools
  • Ships with “email access only” are not “email access only”
  • Little to no Cyber security policy and guideline in daily work on vessels
  • Critical systems running on Windows XP
  • Critical systems running on exposed computers
  • AIS spoofing and manipulation (phantom ships)
  • Confidential vessel owner information exposed to the charterer
  • USS Guardian (mine countermeasure ship) ran aground in 2013 due to inaccurate nautical charts. Vessel worth USD 277 million lost. While not a cyber attack "per se", it shows the risk of ECDIS manipulation.
  • Remote navigation of an USD 80 million dollar yacht using 3,000 USD worth of equipment
  • Facebook as pirate intelligence source (social media engineering)
  • Phantom cargoes and fraudulent shipping documents
  • Cyber fraud and marine insurance fraud
  • Floating platform tilted slightly due to cyber attack
  • Ransomware (cyber piracy) and jamming
  • Spear-phishing of a Hong Kong shipping line leading to a double charter payment

But there are concrete measures. And this is those that this "Maritime Cyber Security" course apprehends and teaches you in a very detailed and practical way.

Key Benefits

Upon completion of the 2 days' training session, you will be awarded the "Maritime Cyber Security" CBS Executive Certificate.

As a result of attending this programme participants will...


Gain an insight into cyber risks relevant for the maritime industry


Learn how to increase maritime cyber-security using non-technical means


Understand the motivations of people and organizations performing cyber attacks in the maritime sector


Get the knowledge to recognize when you might be subjected to a cyber attack


Get the basic knowledge to identify which contingencies should be planned for


Learn what questions to ask when balancing cyber-security against ease-of-doing business

Who should attend?

Maritime Cyber Security

This course is delivered in English and in such a way that deep IT technical knowledge is not required. It is a loss prevention exercise that aims to be complementary to the ISM (International Safety Management code) and the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facilities Security code). It has been specifically designed for Managers in the maritime industry, such as:


Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents and Ship Owners

Ship & Crew Management Companies

Charterers, Brokers and Commodities Traders

Port & Terminal Authorities, Developers & Operators

Port & Maritime Suppliers and Service Providers

Governments and Regulators


Insurances and P&I Clubs

Banks and Investors specialized in shipping & trade finance

Freight forwarders specialized in sea-freight shipping

Law firms specialized in shipping & trade finance

Risk mitigation firms specialized in shipping & trade finance



C-Level, Chairmen, Presidents and Management Executives

Purchasing, Procurement and IT Executives

Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Director Generals and Heads

Superintendent, Chief Inspector and Inspectors

Security, Forensic, Risk Management & Mitigation Executives

CSR, Sustainability & HSEQ Executives

Analysts and Investment Directors

Claims and Adjusting Directors & Executives

Ship, Fleet, Marine, Operations, and Accounts Executives

Compliance, KYC & AML Executives

Partners, Associates, Solicitors and Legal Executives




Lars Jensen will be delivering the "Maritime Cyber Security" course. Lars is CEO and a Partner with SeaIntel Consulting, which is focused on providing expert assistance in process improvement as well as strategic decision making and analysis in the container shipping sector. He is also a member of CBS Executive faculty team.

He is also the co-founder of SeaIntel Maritime Analysis which focuses on providing impartial as well as applicable market intelligence which is used by all market participants from carriers and shippers to ports and financial institutions. Lars Jensen is the CEO and founder of CyberKeel, focusing on cyber-security in the maritime industry.

Lars Jensen has 13 years of experience in container shipping industry including positions as Director of driving and developing market intelligence & analysis for Maersk Line, Maersk Logistics and The Containership Company, CEO of the purely online container carrier Youship and the head of developing and implementing eCommerce strategy in Maersk Line.

Read more by connecting to Lars LinkedIn profile.

CBS Executive is an organizer of the "Maritime Cyber Security" course. CBS Executive designs and runs a wide range of senior executive and board governance educational programmes, including industry-specific courses. The faculty predominantly comes from Copenhagen Business School, which is Scandinavia’s largest business university, but also to a large extent from the US ‘Ivy League’ universities and from other leading European business schools.

Our educational goal lies in creating an environment where participants are challenged to generate concrete results for themselves and their organizations and learn from the real-world application of their insights. CBS Executive shipping courses are offered in partnership with Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Read more on CBS Executive website.

The whole range of CBS Executive shipping courses are offered in partnership with Copenhagen Business School (CBS). With 22,000 students per year and over 2,000 employees, CBS offers many programmes since its inception in 1917. This includes the world famous CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (“The Blue MBA”), which has a world-class reputation in the maritime industry and has been specifically designed for high-potential shipping executives.

Read more on Copenhagen Business School (CBS) university website.

Corporate Capital Consultants (CCC) is an organizer of the "Maritime Cyber Security" course. CCC is an independent consulting firm assisting SME logistics companies with investment funding, mergers & acquisitions and project management. Established by a team of logistics Executives with rich experience, proven successes and broad array of expertise, CCC is also the representative of CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics ("The Blue MBA") in Hong Kong and China.

Read more on Corporate Capital Consultants (CCC) website.





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Course Venue

Warren Chan Moot Court

CUHK Graduate Law Centre, 2/F, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tel. +852 3943 0900 / 3943 0901



Maritime Cyber Security for Managers

The registration includes the 2 days' course, coffee & tea breaks, the lunch for each course day, and the Certificate award. It does not include the accommodation. All prices are in USD.

An invoice and a payment receipt shall be sent to you by email as soon as registration and payment has been finalized. If you need an original invoice, it can be sent upon request to your office address or given to you by hand during the training. Please also let us know during registration whether you need a letter of invitation for obtaining your visa to Hong Kong.



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